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So, Clinton and I decided last night that we should do weekly recommendations on Fridays. Every Friday, the authors of this blog will pimp five random things we’re digging this week. Or, at least, Clinton and I will. I can’t really ever say what Joe and Justin will do. They march to the beat of their own drum[s]. Anyways, without further ado, hit the jump for: CAITIE WEEKLY RECOMMENDATIONS! (more…)

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Thanks to Laurie for this one!

"He's totally wearing glowing jean cutoffs. You just can't see them." -Laurie, original poster. Postess? Either way she rules.

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I would like to begin this review with a statement about reviews as a whole. The inherent problem with movie reviews is that they are so deeply rooted in the personal preferences and opinions of the reviewer themself that a review becomes less of an unbiased look at the movie, and more an exercise in deciding whether or not you trust the person reviewing the movie and their opinion enough to believe what they have to say. For example, there was a woman who reviewed the movies in Knoxville who I inherently did not trust. It always seemed like whatever she gave a bad review to would end up being a movie I enjoy, Hellboy for example. While she may have been basically right a lot of the times, because Lord knows I like some bad movies, her opinion was not enough to sway me one way or another on a movie, and many times I would go because she didn’t like a film. We were strange adversaries, she and I, and she didn’t even know it. Anyway, the point I’ve been trying to make for most of this is that I’m not writing a review of Watchmen because I feel Clinton did a bad job. Far from it. You should read his review. I’m writing it because I had a different take on the film, and I’d like to offer it up to the Nobody who reads this blog. Why? Because I can. (more…)

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Since everyone is in full blown Watchmen mode, I think it’s time to enjoy a slightly different interpretation of the Alan Moore classic.  Peep the sweetness here.  Why have a straight adaptataion when you can go for more of a reimagination?  As sacriligious as it’d be, I would totally watch this show.

Source:  The Hollis Mason to my Dan Dreiberg, Brian Retchless

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It’s finally here.  After years of development hell and countless attempts by many great people to make Watchmen into a movie, Zack Snyder (300) accepted the challenge because if he didn’t, “somebody else would.”  The idea of cramming such a deep and complex story into a two and a half-hour movie seems improbable at best.  Terry Gilliam (attached to direct the movie adaptaion in the early 90s) claimed that Watchmen is unfilmable and would only work as a miniseries.  While I agree with this notion, I was willing to give Snyder a chance.  I knew he was passionate about the source material, and I enjoyed 300.  The trailers were awesome, and the buzz was fairly good, but did Snyder succeed in making a satisfying Watchmen movie?

To put it plainly, not quite.  Zack Snyder gave it his all, and did a commendable job, but he fell short overall.  There was a lot of really cool stuff that was done very well, but the issues I had were too many and too significant to overlook. (more…)

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The Ombudsmen

Click here for PVP‘s hilarious take on the Watchmen featuring Popeye and Jon from Garfield. Thanks to Brian for posting the link on Facebook!

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Collider recently talked to Zack and Debbie Snyder and got the lowdown on the three different cuts to the film.  The theatrical cut runs 2 hrs 36 min.  The director’s cut is 3 hrs 10 min.  Finally, the ultimate cut, which is the director’s cut with The Black Freighter interspersed runs 3 hrs 25 min.  The director’s cut should be out by Comic-Con and the ultimate should be out by fall.  Soooooooo stoked.  Watchmen opens March 6, 2009.

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Hooray Government

I feel safer.

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A Dark Day

So for those of you who haven’t heard, there has been a court case going on for the past while regarding the rights to the upcoming film Watchmen. In effect, 20th Century Fox had bought the rights to develop the film in the 80’s. After the project was never developed, the producer took the project to another studio, I believe Paramount, where it was similarly never developed. It finally ended up at Warner Bros., where it has now turned in to one of the most highly anticipated films of the coming year, with the previous studio the film was at being given international distribution rights as part of the deal. In light of the film’s release, 20th Century Fox launched a lawsuit, claiming it still owned the rights to the film, and trying to delay the release of the film. However speculation throughout the trial has been that the court would rule in favor of Warner Bros. Surprise, surprise for Warner Bros. then as the court has returned a ruling that in effect says that 20th Century Fox still owns at least a portion of the rights to the film, especially when it comes to release date. The court encouraged the two studios to reach a settlement, however 20th Century Fox now seems to be disinclined to do so, and is instead pursuing a second court ruling, this time to delay the release of the film.

This breaks my heart.

A lot.

At first I was a skeptic. I mean have you read Watchmen? It may be one of the greatest literary works written in the past half century, and is a shining example that comic books are not just for kids. But would it make a good movie? I thought no. There was too much there for one movie, three hours or not. But Zach Snyder seemed to have a vision, and seemed like a smart guy, so I was willing to give it a shot. And since then, all news has been great. I should know, since for several months all I did before bed was check news on the movie. The movie looked like it would work, be a faithful adaptation, and even if they changed the ending around, it still would have a similar impact as the graphic novel did. I about had a fit when I found out my showing of Batman hadn’t shown the trailer like it was supposed to. This was the one movie that had to come out next year. It just had to. It was Christmas and Halloween and Spring Break for comic book fans, all rolled in to one.

Well 20th Century Fox, you just ruined SpriChrisWeen.


-The One True Joe

P.S. – A trailer for Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li showed up on-line, but it is only in Japanese, so I can’t comment on it completely, but it looks not terrible. Although I can’t for the life of me figure out why M. Bison spends the entire thing in a suit devoid of both cape and faux military hat.

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Nerd Stuff

So I guess having access to write here means I should do it.

I guess.

Not sure how long it might be up, but the Comic Con Watchmen footage showed up online. Check it out, its got new/cool stuff.


Also, I may be the only one actually excited for the Dragonball movie, but in case anyone else is, the first trailer just showed up. Get it while the getting is good.

So yeah.

-The One True Joe



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