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Check out this band.  Soooo underrated.

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Communist Dracula Pageant

Soooo… I went to the A.R.T. last night, and saw The Communist Dracula Pageant by Anne Washburn at the Zero Arrow Theater. Nifty little theatre they’ve got going on there. Anyhow, the show was pretty fun, and it involved the 1989 scandal in Romania, where the self-appointed president Nicolae Ceausescu and his completely batshit crazy wife (completed the fourth grade, appointed herself the minister of education, or something like that) were executed on Christmas day after basically losing their minds and possibly ordering genocide on their own people in Bucharest and Timisoara. It was a really well done show, but it reminded me that 1) I had no idea that this stuff was going on in 1989 (Granted, I was three years old, but still), and 2) I’m still extremely clueless when it comes to a lot of conventions on stage. Didn’t necessarily help my playwriting career, but it certainly made me realize to be invested in what you’re writing, and to just write on something that interests you. Oh yeah, Dracula was there, too. Overall, it was a lot of fun. 100 minutes, no intermission, but it kept a decent pace, which was nice.

     We started out the evening at Grendel’s Den, which has their usual “Buy three dollars worth of drinks, and you pay half price on any food you order” deal. Can’t beat it. Lots of fun all night. I suggest you check all of the above out.


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