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DC has announced that the prolific team of Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly will be on Batman and Robin starting in June following the conclusion to Battle for the Cowl.  There will be a new Batman after the crossover event, and now it looks like there’ll be a new Robin also.  There have been announcements for most of the other Bat books coming out of this spring’s crossover event, but this one gives us the ultimate nerdgasm.  This should make up for Judd Winick writing Batman and will also put to rest any fears of a “Bruce Wayne: Adventures Through Time” (thanks to Joe for the title) book.  First interior art after the jump.

Source:  IGN.com


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Collider recently talked to Zack and Debbie Snyder and got the lowdown on the three different cuts to the film.  The theatrical cut runs 2 hrs 36 min.  The director’s cut is 3 hrs 10 min.  Finally, the ultimate cut, which is the director’s cut with The Black Freighter interspersed runs 3 hrs 25 min.  The director’s cut should be out by Comic-Con and the ultimate should be out by fall.  Soooooooo stoked.  Watchmen opens March 6, 2009.

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