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Not all is LOST!

Ha, ha. Get it? Not all is LOST? Anyways, in response to my post yesterday about LOST, there’s a pretty good article from today’s USA Today. (Read the whole thing after the cut.)

In their print version, there’s also a primer on where we left all the characters at the end of last season. I looked for it online but couldn’t find it… haven’t read it yet, but if it’s any good maybe I can scan it and put it up here later.

Also, the quiz they have provides a few good memory-joggers. I scored 11/15, which qualifies as “Bravo! Now celebrate with a nice, warm can of Dharma beer (aged 12 years).” Don’t mind if I do!

Click here for the USA Today article!

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So, here’s the thing. I’m obsessed with LOST.

Like, seen every episode, most more than once, yell at the TV when Kate picks Jack over Sawyer, squeal during scary parts, watch with the lights off, no talking except during commercials… obssessed with LOST.

Here’s the other thing. Last night, I was watching the reruns of the 3-part season finale from last season with three other just as die-hard fans. About once every 5 minutes, one of us would ask a question that usually started with “But, wait…” If the three of us were confused — how does this bode for the new season? Was the jump from last spring until this January instead of this September really long enough to make such a big difference? Or are we just bad LOST fans? Are the ratings for this show so good that they can really just gamble that all of them are going to keep watching for the remaining two seasons and not worry about attracting anyone new? Because if you didn’t watch from the beginning, there’s really no way you can dive in and just start watching Season 4. There is no hope.

I guess there’s always that “recap” episode they show, which briefly summarizes everything that’s happened so far. But can they ever really cram all the answers your looking for into that measly half-hour? *Sigh.* Wikipedia it is.

And don’t even get me STARTED about who got kicked off Top Chef.

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