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I personally think the Grammys are usually pretty boring. The people who you expect to win always win (COLDPLAY OMG), and the more indie and lesser-known (but still totally awesome) bands and artists get even less credit than their film-industry counterparts do at other mainstream awards shows like the Oscars.

That said, I did wander into the living room where my roommates were watching it to see MIA perform. If you missed it, MIA is literally about to pop she’s so pregnant (her due date was actually yesterday) and she still totally rocked it. However, she performed with T.I., Jay-Z, Lil Wayne and Kanye, and I think they could have given her a little more stage/camera time. Maybe they rehearsed it that way just in case she was too busy, you know, giving birth to actually perform.

Anyways, check out her outfits after the jump. I think her red carpet dress was pretty fly (and the kicks!) but her performance outfit was really ugly. (Although I do give her props for showing off her gorgeous baby belly!)

Then again, what exactly do you wear when you’re a hella pregnant hip performing artist singing at the Grammys? (more…)

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