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I’m not dead. Just saying. Though I hate format crossing, here’s the twitter update of what I’ve been up to since I last posted:

Since last post, got Master’s, started job hunt, ran 2nd Boston Marathon with Caitie, it ruled, will run Disney and Boston next year I think, Started 2nd blog (see link)

The second blog is also through wordpress, and it’s called “IMovedInWithMyGirlfriend” Check it out sometime to see what I’m up to. If you couldn’t tell, I moved in with my girlfriend.

I also have about 600 weekly recs to catch up on. Some of them include:

The Boston Marathon. Yeah I ran it

Ryan Keough – hilarious comedian out of Connecticut. Our dads went to high school together. We went to high school together. We’re considering adopting a son so he can go to high school together.

The Red Sox – They are playing again.

A-Rod – Throw rocks at him, he sucks.

Roger Clemens – See “A-Rod” above.

The Seals at the Aquarium – Amelia turns 24 today I think.

Trader Joe’s – I work there now. Stop by and visit. Buy stuff from there. They treat their employees and customers with dignity. And integrity. That’s their #1 Core Value, actually.

Steven Wilson’s Insurgentes album. It’s fantastic. His first “true” solo release, it basically ruled hardcore.But it’s not hardcore. It’s ambient/obscure pop/rock/nothingness/everything.

Kings of Leon’s Only By the Night – Late on the wagon on this one, but better late than never. Another album title in five syllables, this one is their most mature by far. It rules. Sit down and actually listen to the album as a whole, because when music was invented, it was meant to be listened to as a whole. Beautiful work.

Star Trek – Movie was awesome. Not even a trekkie.

The Ruins (the book) – Not sure why this is on here, really. I read it. All of it. From the beginning to the end. Maybe that’s why it’s on here? Still not sure.

…Those are just a few…

There are more, but I’ll try to come back to this soon. Hooray.

-New Guy at Work, Out

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Thanks to Laurie for this one!

"He's totally wearing glowing jean cutoffs. You just can't see them." -Laurie, original poster. Postess? Either way she rules.

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But seriously. Get me this. (Photo courtesy of my NEW FAVORITE BLOG: Cupcakes Take The Cake)

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So, Clint, Caitie, Laurie and I checked out Anathallo (actually pronounced Ann-uh-THALL-oh. Surprise!) at The Middle East upstairs. I’ve only been to the downstairs venue, which despite the usual crowd and lack of climate control, I really like. The upstairs part was like a secret back room club, sandwiched between TT the Bear’s (where someone was clearly playing louder than opener Sam Amidon, who was in the same room as me) and the basement, and the front part of the restaurant/bar/ZuZu. Sam Amidon… well, he made some interesting noise. Let’s just say that I’ve never been at a show of any size where people in the crowd actually SHUSHED other people. Caitie, on the other hand, loved Sam Amidon. I think it kinda turned her on, or something. 

Anyhow, Anathallo was amazing. Absolutely amazing. It was really cool to see the band jammed up on the tiny stage, making all that beautiful noise with all their drums and horns and moogs, etc. They clearly had a great time playing, and the TheraFlu induced “good time” being had by frontman Matt only added to the fun (at one point, he was jamming out so hardcore he forgot that he was supposed to be playing guitar). Long story short, the evening was a great mix of Floating World and Canopy Glow, which was really nice. SUCH a good band. It was really cool “being there” to hear some of the Floating World stuff – that album is way close to the top of my all-time list. Overall, it was a great show, and it was a lot of fun. Check this band out, support them, Buy their records and merch. Like Clint said in an earlier post, this band deserves a LOT more credit than they are getting, so let’s turn it up for them!

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This is the work of artist Bill McMullen from his show at the Constant Gallery in LA.

Source:  Mishka Blog

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Since Stephen Chow is no longer directing the Green Hornet movie (but he’s still gonna be Kato), it now appears as though Michel Gondry has now signed on to direct.  Variety is reporting that Gondry signed on after wowing studio execs with his vision.  Seth Rogen is playing the Green Hornet, and Evan Goldberg is writing.  This is a bizarre choice, but I am super excited.  Green Hornet is scheduled to open 6/25/10.

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E! is reporting that Michael Cera has signed on to do the Arrested Development movie.  Filming could start at the end of this year.  Mitchell Hurwitz is writing and directing.  Get stoked, this is starting to look like it’s finally gonna happen.

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Well deserved

Congratulations, Heath Ledger, we all miss you very much.

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…The Avalon. For real. But it’s bigger. It’s better. On steroids, almost. But lovable steroids. Like they did it the RIGHT way. There is a balcony, with two levels of seats for those people who don’t like mosh pits. There are more bars on either sides. They lined the walkway inside with blues legends from the ever-present Johnny Winter to Etta James to Billie Holiday to everyone else… The acoustics were beautiful… like REALLY BEAUTIFUL.. like, listening to screaming blues harmonica and guitar without earplugs, even though I’m a baby and don’t want to lose any more of my hearing beautiful


…I was impressed.


I’d only seen the Format and The Receiving End of Sirens (both may they Rest In Peace) at the Avalon, but I without a doubt would come and see any show here. Any show. Any night. It was an absolute pleasure being there last night, and in what I thought was so cool, what I thought was just so neat, was seeing a piece of history: Brother Elwood and Blood Brother Zee themselves – The Blues Brothers. Jim Belushi was scary as a stand-in for his late brother John, and Dan Aykroyd was just as you’d expect him – awesome. These guys were amazing, true showmen, in every aspect. Capped by an evening featuring Jimmy Wood of the Imperial Crowns (not to be confused with Connecticut’s Crowns of Kings), and James Montgomery (of Boston’s James Montgomery Trio), even Paul Shaffer came out for an awesome and always different version of Booker T & The MG’s “Green Onions,” “Soul Man,” and the encore…

Not having expected this/really having had it on my radar, when the opportunity came up, I found myself really just soaking in the awesomeness of the whole act – which is what it was – but it was so much more – it was a spectacle; a piece of history on stage, and the fact that they took such joy and ownership of the whole set, and the whole night was just so damn cool. If you haven’t seen the movie, go see it, it’s cool, it’s American, the whole deal… it was just a lot of fun, which was really nice. Check out this venue, people. I was super bummed, but I must say… I am impressed.


Scan the archives for Morrisey’s dates/info, I’m sure Clint’s got them up in here somewhere.


As they say in the movie,

“It’s 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark, and we‘re wearing sunglasses…”

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Frolicking in the outfield? That rarely if ever happens. I just picked this picture beacuse you can't see JD's ass.

Frolicking in the outfield? That rarely if ever happens. I just picked this picture beacuse you can't see JD's ass.




Hubba Hubba. Hello Nurse? No way. Hello M.D. who's been on call as the Resident in NBC's ER for the last fifteen years. Yeah. That's more like it. I feel like a stack of flapjacks with a big pad of butter melting all over them. Yeah, like that.

Hubba Hubba. Hello Nurse? No way. Hello M.D. who's been on call as the Resident in NBC's ER for the last fifteen years. Yeah. That's more like it. I feel like a stack of flapjacks with a big pad of butter melting all over them. Yeah, like that.

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