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E! is reporting that Michael Cera has signed on to do the Arrested Development movie.  Filming could start at the end of this year.  Mitchell Hurwitz is writing and directing.  Get stoked, this is starting to look like it’s finally gonna happen.

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New York Daily News has a quote from Jeffery Tambor at his Upright Citizens Brigade performance.  Tambor told the paper, “The movie is going to happen this year, and Michael Cera is on board. Trust me.”  This isn’t really an official announcement, but if Tambor said it, I believe him.  Can we start a countdown now?

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Regarding the Arrested Development movie: “There’s no script or anything, so the movie is more hypothetical than people think,” Michael Cera told MTV News. “I’d possibly play the part, I’d possibly put the script in my shredder.”

Um, really? Because you don’t trust the creaters of one of the greatest television shows of all time? You know, that one that made you famous? What a little d-bag. On the other hand, if he doesn’t end up in the movie… imagine all the underhanded digs they’ll throw in there! It would almost be worth it…

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