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So I know that this is a little later than it probably should be, but whatever, I don’t start work for a week, I’m still on vacation. Who are you to judge me?

Overall the Con was a lot of fun. This is my second year going, and I can definetly see it becoming a thing to do for as long as I’m in Boston/it goes on, which hopefully both are for quite a while. By no means am I an expert on cons, this being only my second ever, but lack of experience/knowledge has never stopped me from inflicting my judgement on things before, why now? I figure I’ll just break things up, so you can skip ahead, or read one part now, another later, etc. I’m always thinking of you dear reader. At least, if you’re actually out there. (more…)

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This summer, Nike is releasing a “Nintendo Wii” pack.  These shoes are (surprise, surprise) inspired by the Nintendo Wii.  These shoes drop this summer along with Air Max 97 and Air Force High.  Via Kicks on Fire

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So I know I said that I’d review Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li for yesterday and didn’t follow through. At least that’s what you think. See I also said you had to be good. And well… you weren’t. At all. But regardless I shall review the film anyway. Call me a Samaritan.

It is a long established theory that there are two types of movies: good and bad. Good movies are just that; well made, enjoyable, overall positive pieces of cinema, varying only by degrees of how good they are. However, within the subcategory of bad, I feel that a further distinction needs to be drawn. See I have found in my 21 years of movie going that there are three types of bad movies: bad movies you like anyway (hereafter referred to as ‘guilty pleasures’), bad movies that are so bad as to be humorous and thus rewatchable, and then just plain bad movies. One thing to note is that all of these are more of a sliding scale, varying from person to person. For example, for me the movie ‘Push’ falls into the primary category, as do many action movies. Just to set a standard for the lowest of the low, why don’t we go with the film adaptation of Eragon, bad as a movie, worse as an adaptation. And so the question now becomes where to place this newly offered up piece of Street Fighter adaptationry (trademarked). Now to start off, I feel that we need to look at what this movie most readily compares to, namely the original Street Fighter, starring the Muscles himself. Now for me, this movie falls under the second category. As funny as it is in a lot of places, I can’t actually say I like this movie beyond its comedic value, and really only watch it for that reason. It plays far too fast and loose with Street Fighter canon, and I’m just never willing to buy JCVD as ultra-American Col. Guile. I will say I do love Raul Julia in this movie, although it being his final performance is too bad for him.

So how does the new Street Fighter stack up? Well for one thing, I feel that it has a more consistient and believable story, although not by much. Also, the movie does a lot better it seems at adapting the video game material, albeit by using far fewer characters. There are still changes, but nothing terrible. I do have to level a complaint at M. Bison though. I feel like Neal McDonough did a pretty good job overall, but why in the world did he have an Irish accent? I’ve seen Neal in other things, he’s gone accent free before. Why now? The movie offers up a really half-hearted explanation too. At first it says he was the son of Irish missionaries to Thailand. Ok, makes sense so far. But then it says his parents died and he grew up alone, focusing on a shot of a baby. Again, makes sense. But wait, why does he have an accent then? Is the movie trying to tell me that Irish accent are a trait passed on through genetics? Because if so then… no, never mind. That just isn’t how it works.

Chun Li herself was fine, if perhaps a bit questionable in terms of decision making at times. There was a nice little tie in to why her move is the Spinning Bird Kick, although she only sort of performs it. I do have to give a shout out to Michael Clarke Duncan as Balrog, mostly just because I’m a big fan of Michael Clarke Duncan. The guy just always does good work, regardless of the movie around him. As for Vega, well let’s just say that his role in the movie is one of the more overhyped things I’ve seen recently, a.k.a. he might be in 10 minutes of the movie. Might. Also, it was good to see Robin Shou in movies again, and while maybe it would have made sense were he stronger, as in if he weren’t getting his butt kicked every time he fought someone with a name, overall, just good to see him. Maybe lose the moustache.

Everything else about the movie was fine, except for the building blowing up, which looked like it could have been done on a cheap lap-top. Of course there was the requisite reference to the video games’ stories at the end (for any concerned, the movie takes place chronologically before the first Street Fighter).

So what was it overall? Well, it wasn’t a good movie, and it certainly loses even more appeal for non-fans of the game, but I do feel that it is a better adaptation than the original live action movie, and could see it maybe becoming a guilty pleasure of mine, although I’ll probably have to see it again.

Probably going to talk about Spring Training/the World Baseball Classic/Team USA next time, after I see them in person.

-Later foolz

P.S. – If you are a fan and haven’t played Street Fighter IV yet, get on that. Now.

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Stoked For This


Nintendo has marked May 18 as the official release date for Punch-Out!! for the Wii.  Gamers will remember this classic boxing game in its NES and SNES iterations.  This looks promising, and if Nintendo can get a good control scheme for it, this could be amazing.

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