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Hey all, just wanted to very briefly post about my new blog.

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This Made Me Laugh

Check out Stuff Scene Kids Like.  It’s like Stuff White People Like except with… Scene Kids!  (Never would’ve guessed that based on the name).  Funny shit.  Listen to Morrissey.

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You guys… I just found the most amazing blog ever. I was literally sitting at work dying of laughter. People here think I am crazy. The site is Tiny Art Director, where an artist dad asks his four year old daughter what to draw, draws it, and then she critiques. Her “about” section is as follows:

About The Tiny Art Director

I want Daddy to go away on a trip

Seriously, read the blog. It’s hilarious.

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So true!

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…but I love Jon Hamm.

-Might work…

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Thanks to Laurie for this one!

"He's totally wearing glowing jean cutoffs. You just can't see them." -Laurie, original poster. Postess? Either way she rules.

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RT @marthastewart chow breeder karen tracy lost eleven chows and five boarders in a tragic propane explosion- my little ghenghis khan perished in the blaze

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