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So this just showed up online:

It is from an issue that hasn’t come out yet, so most likely spoiler alert, especially since some already confirmed Black Lanterns are on there. Looks really cool though.

-Joe Away!

P.S. – Joe Quesada still needs that punch

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Right in the face. Officially confirmed that they’re bringing Steve Rodgers back to be Captain America again. Claims they’re been planning it for 2 1/2 years. Odd how that lines up perfectly with them getting ready to start hyping a Cap movie. Huh. Also Joe, if this was always your plan, then what was even really the point of making Bucky the Winter Soldier, and writing really good comics that set him up to be the next Cap so well? Also, it isn’t like the new Cap has been bad. Granted I haven’t read a lot of it, but I really like it, and I really like “Bucky-Cap,” and that seems to be the reaction among other people as well. So why Joe? Why? And yes, I know superheroes coming back in comincs is nothing new, but at least recent ones, like Hal Jordan and Barry Allen, came back to tell great stories, were (even in Hal’s case) gone for a long time, and they didn’t replace the characters that had taken over for them. Kyle Raynor and Guy Gardner have GLC. GL and JLA still has John Stewart. Wally West isn’t going anywhere. Somehow I don’t see Bucky sticking around to be the grown up sidekick. The worst part is, I know I’m going to read it, because I at least want it to be a good book. And if it is, I might cut it some slack. But if this is just Cap’s Brand New Day, then it becomes official: Joe Quesada is a Skrull, trying to destroy our comics.

Seriously, I’m gonna punch him.

-Joe Goes to CVS, Tune in Now

PS – Jeph Loeb is too.

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So I know that this is a little later than it probably should be, but whatever, I don’t start work for a week, I’m still on vacation. Who are you to judge me?

Overall the Con was a lot of fun. This is my second year going, and I can definetly see it becoming a thing to do for as long as I’m in Boston/it goes on, which hopefully both are for quite a while. By no means am I an expert on cons, this being only my second ever, but lack of experience/knowledge has never stopped me from inflicting my judgement on things before, why now? I figure I’ll just break things up, so you can skip ahead, or read one part now, another later, etc. I’m always thinking of you dear reader. At least, if you’re actually out there. (more…)

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I’m not really sure why this stopped, I always thought it was cool. Except for all those times that I forgot to do it…

Whatever, here we go.

1. Me Being Employed: So I just found out earlier today that I was hired to work at the campus gym all summer as a lifeguard. Totally stoked, because now I can make like extra money, and have a reason to stay in Boston all summer, and things like that. Now I just need to start growing a moustache and find the shortest red swimsuit possible…

2. Summer Movie Season: I love summer movies. Sure they’re mostly just action movies and oddball comedies, but whatever. They’re fun. And I like fun. Already started strong with Wolverine (enjoyable) and Star Trek (fantastic), and hopefully only going up.

3. Secret Warriors: This is starting to become one of my favorite comics to read, especially where Marvel is concerned. I’ll admit to being weirded out and skeptical of the whole “Hydra running SHIELD” thing, but I’m really buying what they’re selling, and looking forward to this whole Howling Commandos/Hydra throwdown. Nick Fury is just cool.

4. Summer: Summer is my favorite season, easily. Looking past the whole no school thing, it is just nice to have warm, enjoyable days again, when I can go around in shorts and Tevas and not wish I’d grabbed a coat before I left. I’m a very tropical climate sort of person, and so warm weather gets the thumbs up.

5. Graduation: I’d like to take this moment to make a shout out to all the friends of NobodyReadsYourBlog (specifically my friends) who just finished up college and will be graduating soon. You guys all rock, and while I won’t be calling you out by name, just assume that if you’re graduating, I’m talking about you.

That’s all for now,


PS – Nothing really to say here, just doing because I feel like it became my thing. And if it isn’t, than it is now.

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Well, figured it was time to get on this train.

1. Jason Varitek- While it certainly hasn’t been an ideal start to the season, it has been nice to see Tek showing signs of hopefully a rebound year offensively.

2. Fast and Furious- I really liked it, and you should too.

3. Vacation- Seriously, why aren’t you taking one right now? Oh right, because you have to finish this. Well, that’s okay then. But take one when you’re done.

4. Green Lantern- First Flight trailer? Check. Kick-Off to Agent Orange? Check. Appear prominently in Flash:Rebirth? Check. Overall, good times for Lantern fans.

5. Trend Setting- Have a cool idea for some sort of social thing, such as a word, phrase, or hand gesture? Start using it, and encourage others to as well, especially if they seem to like it. Right now the ones I have going are:
1. The F*** It hand gesture- I’m not taking complete credit for this one, because it is pretty basic, and it probably was around before, but whatever, I do it a lot more now, and other people seem to be too. Pretty much, just whenever you’re in a situation where you just want to say “F*** it,” whether because you’re over it, just don’t want to deal with it, or whatever, simply make the basic self-pleasuring hand gesture (the male self-pleasuring hand gesture, no offense ladies), move it back and forth as if pleasuring oneself, and then use your hand to imitate a small eruption. I think you get the point. Point is, use. It’s fun. Just, you know, be careful who sees it/don’t actually pleasure yourself. That would be weird.
2. People see a room full of guys, and what do they say? Sausage Fest. But what about a room full of girls? Why don’t they have a semi-derogatory food associated term? Now they do. Clam Bake. Use it.
3. Magic Man- This is pretty specific to my life and people I know actually, but it’s catching on. Not going in to details on who/what it is.

So yeah, weekly recs. More difficult than I thought.

-Joe Signing Off

P.S. Using euphemisms to make things more kid safe is fun. At least my posts are safe for work. Not sure about Caitie’s…

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Super-cute looking graphic novel called “My Mommy is in America and She Met Buffalo Bill”… it’s about a little boy growing up without a mother, who finds postcards she has “written him” from all over the world. To see an 8 page excerpt, courtesy of Vulture, click here. It seems so sad and sweet and French! I don’t know why, but I’m on a graphic novel kick right now. I just started reading “French Milk,” which is autobiographical and was written/takes place the month I moved to Paris. *Le sigh*.

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