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Morrissey performing “Something Is Squeezing My Skull” on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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Happy Friday!

You guys, aren’t you so glad it’s Friday? I am. Here are some completely gratuitous and unrelated adorable photos of Gwen Stefani and baby ZUMA!


Images courtesy of Perez!

I am seriously obsessed with babies. I should find a babysitting job.

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I Hope This Is True

Apparently David Kennedy from Angels & Airwaves has confirmed that a new Blink-182 record is coming out.  This apparently came during a chat on modlife.  Ap.net first reported this, and they’ve said that as far as they know, everything about the chat and stuff is valid.  We already know that Blink is reuniting to present at the Grammys, but let’s hope this rumor becomes true.  Visual evidence after the jump. (more…)

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