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Apparently, during the filming of Terminator Salvation,  Christian Bale flipped out when the director of photography walked into a shot during a scene.  What transpired afterward is a wonderful tirade full of colorful words.  Audio of the tirade was recorded, and film execs sent the audio to the film’s insurance company in case Bale bailed on the film.  Thanks to www.tmz.com, the audio can now be heard below.  WARNING:  The clip has a great deal of profanity.  Now we must know how Bale’s mom feels.


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Unfortunately not a post-apocalyptic zombie flick directed by Danny Boyle starring Julio Lugo and Mark Kotsay, pitchers and catchers report to Fort Myers in less than ten days. I’m excited. It feels like forever since baseball happened. I can has?! I can has!? I can HAS!? I CAN HAS!?!?!?

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