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Hey all, just wanted to very briefly post about my new blog.

Which just makes me feel bad, since I did tweet about it. Congratulations to Greg Maddux on getting his number retired by the Atlanta Braves. Pretty big honor when you look at who else have their numbers retired by the Braves, but then again, Maddux is easily one of the best pitchers to play in the modern era, and only looks stronger the more people get busted with steroids.
Go Braves!

-The One True Joe

P.S. Go see Harry Potter already.

Joe Sakic, enforcer

So this is nothing new news wise, but I felt like I had to say something.
First of all, all the congratulations possible to Tim Wakefield on making his first All-Star Game. The Boston Red Sox are my favorite baseball team, and Tim Wakefield is my favorite player, and has been probably since I first began to actually appreciate it beyond watching Mo Vaughn bash things. He has been a rock for the rotation this season, as always, and no one deserves it more. Just a class guy all around. Now hopefully he can claim the record for most victories by a Red Sox pitcher. Doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch. Also, props to Joe Maddon for selecting him to the team anyway. I may hope they lose every game they play, but the Rays manager gets a big gold star on this one.

On a more somber note, I have to bid goodbye to one of my personal football heroes. No one was more of a warrior than him on the field, but he was also just a great teammate and was always giving back to the community and helping those less fortunate. Regardless of the circumstances that will come out about his death, he will be sorely missed. RIP Steve.

Mid-Year Top Albums

Now that we’re officially at the halfway point in 2009, here’s a look at the top albums for the first half of the year.  Expect a lot of additions to this list by the end of the year with new albums by Thrice, Brand New, Say Anything, and many more.

1.  Manchester Orchestra – Mean Everything to Nothing
2. Grizzly Bear – Veckatimest
3.  Kevin Devine – Brother’s Blood
4.  Morrissey – Years of Refusal
5.  Dirty Projectors – Bitte Orca
6.  Animal Collective – Merriweather Post Pavilion
7.  The Decemberists – Hazards of Love
8.  Cursive – Mama, I’m Swollen
9.  Therefore I Am – The Sound of Human Lives
10.  Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix